Soft Tissue Laser

Globally Renowned Soft Tissue Laser Services

Soft tissue laser is one of the most advanced technologies available to treat gum issues. Studio Dentaire makes that technology available to you with the experts who precisely conduct the surgery.

Our soft tissue laser treatments are utilized by patients for various reasons. Patients with excess gum tissue get precise cuts to resolve the problem of a gummy smile. Similarly, our specialists work on the surgery site to ensure quick elimination of bleeding. The healing period gets reduced due to the laser technology, which allows the patient to quickly get back to the regular life. We also conduct soft tissue laser surgeries for tooth whitening and to treat any periodontal disease.

Advanced approach to oral surgeries

Studio Dentaire has Soft Tissue Laser specialists as well as the experts of Diode Lasers. Our laser techniques are advanced, which removes the requirement of sutures. Hence, patients get a painless treatment and comfortable recovery.

Our oral surgeries with soft tissue laser approach can resolve the problem of de-pigmentation, which darkens the gums. Our experts can adjust the shape of gum tissues and treat the issue of gummy smile. Laser bleaching offers simple and effective teeth whitening approach for patients.

We offer muscle attachment and laser frenectomy to help children with conditions of tied tongue and speech impediments.

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