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Our oral health decides the beauty of our smile. But it’s possible to lose that beauty due to many reasons. Old age, an injury or other reasons can damage teeth.

When removing a damaged tooth is the only choice left, you may require a dental implant to keep eating properly and smile with confidence. That’s when Studio Dentaire comes into play. We offer multiple dental implant services to our patients to ensure their dental efficiency and appeal.

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We have the best dentistry specialists only. Our dentists hold the technical and creative understanding of dental implants. You can trust their recommendations and have a perfect implant as a result.

Our experts spend proper time studying a case before recommending an implant type. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any errors.

Relaxing treatment atmosphere

Using a well-trained staff and advanced technologies, we provide you the highest standards of treatment comfort. Our facility empowers our dentists in providing quality treatments, while patients get to have a relaxing treatment environment.

Dental implant types we specialize in

Our dental implant procedures include:

• Nobel Biocare Implants
• Myriad Implants
• All on Four
• Screw Retained Prosthesis
• Implant Over Dentures
• Immediate Loading and Immediate Implantation
• Zirconia Abutments and Implants


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